We are Atiye Daran Romak

Atiyedarane Romak is an Iranian Export Management Company (EMC) assisting its partners with marketing and sales development since 2012. We have focused on the African market, especially the East African market, since 2015, relying on our expertise and knowledge of international marketing. By researching the East African market, including Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania, finding the potentials of the market of these countries, and complementing our research with two main strategies of “field study” and “connecting with experts in target markets (East African market), we have been able to create a comprehensive database of companies and make significant connections with market actors in these countries.

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Our mission is to help Iranian producers to export & import

 Some of our main strategies in the past years include

Long-term cooperation

• Long-term cooperation with manufacturers in the African market

Identifying and making connections

• Identifying and making connections with sales channels in the East African market

Holding conferences and specialized roundtables

• Holding conferences and specialized roundtables to introduce potentials of the African market and how to enter it

Establishing trust

• Establishing trust in the supply chain, both in Iran and in Africa