Iranian Ambassador in Kenya Visits the Permanent Exhibition of Iranian Goods

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On saturday the 27th of June 2020, Mr. Barmaki The Iranian ambassador in Kenya paid a visit to the Permanent Exhibition and Supply Center for Iranian Goods and Services. This exhibition run by Atieh Daran Romak Institute has the extent of 500 meters square and a storage of 1200 meters square, in Mombasa street in Nairobi is currently exhibiting some of Iranian goods for Kenyan importers.
Iranian companies in different business fields such as oil industry, medical equipment, food, etc can exhibit their goods in this showroom for 18 months. They can also take advantage of relocation currency service, fast transportation and receiving inspecting license.
Atieh Daran Romak Institute can also provide the suppliers and exporters with the following services in Kenya:
  • Marketing
  • Evaluating the Market Potentials
  • Providing a Showroom for Iranian Goods
  • Relocation Currency Services
  • Obtaining License for Exporting to Kenya
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