Why Africa exports scaring you? Don’t know how to enter the African market? Which countries on the African continent should you cause? How we do approach possible customers in different African countries? What to do if you don’t get well result from approaching potential customer abroad? you are not the only one who has experienced such difficulties when we started in ROMAK, were getting closer to potential customer in Africa. We had similar question for you surprisingly, they were relatively easy to handle and we found solution only for Romak it also worked for many our customer. we have decided to share all tips and suggestion in here for you.

Overcoming the fear of arrival, a new market

  1. Culture gap
Most producer business culture are not the African countries. for instance, how to negotiate with buyers in country the point of sales culture and marketing is not to get acquainted with business culture is one of the reasons for fear of the market. but this fear can be treated. investigated the market as much as possible from a trusted colleague or partner to get help for advice. look for reliable consultants. just don’t forget to listen to them. Romak institute is ready to provide any kind of advice on arrival to the African markets.
  1. Lack of money
The lowest cost to enter a new market and the attract buyers in Africa, one of the significant concerns of many Iranian manufacturers. According to the experience of many years of presence in the African market, Romak institute is ready to offer low_ cost solutions to attract buyers and for Iranian producers.
  1. Product be able
Just because a producer or service is sold in country this doesn’t mean that it can be sold in another country. The Iranian producers are aware of this and are concerned about the expansion of the new market a little research can be helpful in overcoming such fears by researching the financial and regulatory culture and financial fields of the new market. the producer can be
  1. Legal risk
Producers maybe upset about the legal implication ‘s that threaten the development of the African market before arrival the new realm study the rules of that industry and look for potential challenge then create a business strategy to reduce risk be sure to legal consultancy in a commercial area to avoid and warrant or injunction and you can use it to make a problem for you. The ROMAK ATIEH DARAN institute ready to comply with the laws and regulations of East African countries in particular should prepare the necessary tips to exporters.