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Welcome to Iran one of the oldest civilizations in the world! Iran is a country with variety of cultures, rich history and sensational opportunities.
Being in Iranian market is one of the desirable goals for African manufacturers. 80 millions of consumer customers and almost little competitive limitations are important advantages of Iranian market for African manufacturers.
One the main obstacles for penetrating Iranian market is the complete different culture and customs of this country from other countries in middle-east. It is required to spend time for acquainting with your customers and business partners. Personal relations are extremely vital for making reliance. In addition, patience and carefulness are necessary in meetings.
First meeting is really influential. In first meeting, your Iranian business partners will evaluate you for probability of further collaboration. showing your difference with competitors is essential.
Meetings often start with informal conversations before getting into the main discussion subject. It is possible that they invite you to sign a written summary of what have been discussed.
Even though Iranians are formal, but they enjoy socializing and it can be part of your business deals. Discussions can be slow and lengthy. Iranians are often compromiser dealers and they appreciate concept of win-win situation. Also knowing Persian (Farsi) and English is helpful. Dedicate time for learning some Persian (Farsi), because many of them don’t speak English well.
Setting meetings are necessary and they must be done 4-6 weeks earlier and be confirmed by call and in writing. Few days before meeting or entering the Iran it is important to confirm again that the meeting is set.
Be on time for meeting because punctuality is considered an excellence.
Men should wear conservative dark clothes. Iranians don’t wear tie but if you do, it won’t be a negative point. If you wear well, you will have better feeling. Women should always wear conservative dress and cover their hair.
It’s a good idea to avoid setting meetings in Ramadan, because fasting may cause your business partners some limitations.
Working days/hours are from Saturday to Thursday between 9 AM and 5 PM and lunch is hold almost for one hour about1 PM. There are some important periods that you can avoid working in them in Iran. “Eid-e-Norouz” is the biggest holidays of Iranians. It’s a new year eve that occurs on about 21th march. In this period, all offices, jobs and most of shops will be off for 2 to 3 weeks.
Making decisions about sales method in Iran including direct method or through representatives or distributors is essential. Lingual obstacles make you to often think about having a representative in Iran. One of the best solutions is mutual investments with an Iranian company to continue the work.
Aariyeh Daran Romak inst. organizes export of your products to Iran. We provide all necessary documents required for export, we provide all required certifications, and we do all negotiations with buyer companies.
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